The resilience program designed  to help you leverage your strengths, increase your confidence 

 & navigate uncertainty and change.  


"Sometimes we have the key to a better life but need somebody to show us where we left the damn thing."

- Lori Gottlieb

Monumental Me is a platform to help you identify your strengths, define your goals and execute your return to the post pandemic world - stronger than before.  For over a year now, Covid has disproportionately impacted women, yet we believe we can not only bounce back but also thrive during this time. Through community, peer coaching, and custom learning experiences you'll learn how to identify and leverage your unique strengths for long term success while building new critical skills to help manage your mindset and strengthen your resilience.

Monumental Me will help you create the evidence based, science backed tool-kit you need to thrive in everyday life. This is your time.

Join us as we work together to "find your keys" and leverage your strengths to live your best life.


Individual & Corporate Learning 

Individual Solutions

We work with you to help you build resilience during this time of rapid change & uncertainty. We specialize in enabling a life pivot - identifying and focusing on your goals,  managing your mindset, and realigning with your values to thrive in life. 

Corporate Solutions

Nothing is just business. It's all personal. We help your workforce thrive and enhance engagement through developing a strengths based team and culture. Choose from our pre-designed offerings or we can create a custom solution that works for your organization.



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What People Are Saying

Ben K.

“Your insights and guidance are super helpful. Thank you.”

Jillian M.

“Thank you for your time and dedication. You are a bright spot.”

Adam W.

“A rare breed. Honest, comforting and highly knowledgable.”

Jess D.

“It has been such a positive force for me.”

Alyce G.

“It was instrumental in setting me up for success.”

Jill P.

“I value our time together so much I prioritize our weekly sessions”