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 Welcome to MONUMENTAL ME, the personal advancement platform designed to help you leverage your strengths, build confidence and navigate uncertainty and change.


Our Mindshare podcast taps into the minds of influencers, researchers and academics in the areas of resilience and personal betterment.
Listen to learn from incredibly relatable and personal stories with actionable advice that will leave you with the tools needed to move forward while becoming more resilient. 

Michele & Liana


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Michele and Liana have been friends since college and shared a passion for the arts and human behavior. They both went on to excel in their respective fields but professional success didn't seem to be enough. Something was missing,


As adults, they shared the joys and frustrations of motherhood, the exhaustion of balancing work and family, and a thirst and passion for life-long learning.

Having most recently worked as coaches and corporate learning executives they are dedicated to inspiring others by cutting through the noise, so you you can access easily digestible and actionable information that will improve how you think and feel so you can experience more joy and satisfaction in work and in life.

What We Offer


All that you need you have and all that you have you need.

As coaches, it's not our place to steer you in a particular direction. We're guides who help ensure you see all the scenery along your journey. We help uncover the gems. You set the destination.

You are a unique combination of all your experiences. The answers to the questions you have at any given time lie somewhere between your intuition and your knowledge. Our role is to offer the right questions, curate and share the best resources and provide the support needed to help uncover those answers.

 "Sometimes we have the key to a better life but need somebody to show us where we left the damn thing."  - Lori Gottlieb

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Andrea C.

“This is exactly the community women need to come out of this pandemic and thrive.”

Michelle S. 

"Monumental Me is exactly what we all need right now to regroup, rebuild, and re-emerge!”

Ben K. 

"Your insights and guidance are super helpful.”

Jess D.

“It has been such a positive force for me.”

Alyce G.

“It was instrumental in setting me up for success.”

Adam W.

“A rare breed. Honest, comforting and highly knowledgable.”


Individual & Corporate Learning 

Individual Solutions

We work with you to help you build resilience during this time of rapid change & uncertainty. We specialize in enabling a life pivot - identifying and focusing on your goals,  managing your mindset, and realigning with your values to thrive in life. 

Corporate Solutions

Nothing is just business. It's all personal. We help your workforce thrive and enhance engagement through developing a strengths based team and culture. Choose from our pre-designed offerings or we can create a custom solution that works for your organization.