~ College Days ~


Michele and Liana have been friends and collaborators for years - their relationship solidified during a Psychology research study conducted as undergrads. Their shared passion for a deeper understanding of the human experience took them on different paths. Through it all, they supported each other from the trials of their first loves, career transitions, motherhood, and previous business ventures. 

With well-earned professional reputations for empowering individuals to harness their passion and purpose, they are combining their expertise in bringing people, ideas, and resources together and utilizing their skills & training in learning design to bring you Monumental Me.


Our mission is to support you through your resilience and growth journey by providing you with the resources and tools you need to ensure you reach your full potential for both personal and professional wellness. We are dedicated to helping you design the life you want, build the foundation you need, and provide the tools required to actually succeed in living it through lifelong learning, and the power of community and mentoring.

We celebrate the idea that everyone has something monumental to offer.  
We support the development of skills around self-mastery to explore and uncover and achieve one's goals. 
We honor collaboration and community as powerful tools women should use to thrive in life. 
We believe that a diversity of voices leads to a diversity of thought and a better end product for personal and professional satisfaction and profit.
We are Monumental Me.


All that you need you have and all that you have you need.

As coaches, it's not our place to steer you in a particular direction. We're guides who help ensure you see all the scenery along your journey. We help uncover the gems. You set the destination.

You are a unique combination of all your experiences. The answers to the questions we have at any given time lie somewhere between our intuition and our knowledge. Our role is to offer the right questions, curate and share the best resources and provide the support needed to help uncover those answers.