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10 Day Positivity Challenge

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Welcome to the FREE 10 Day Positivity Challenge. Here we guide you through a 10 day introduction to creating long-term life satisfaction. The pandemic has seriously impacted each of us. THIS is the time for personal change & transition and gaining the tools to better manage a constant state of flux. While environment and socioeconomic factors play a part in life satisfaction, 40% of our satisfaction & happiness is based on how we choose to experience the world. One way to increase our satisfaction is by increasing our level of positivity. There are 12 specific activities scientifically proven to help you do that. Over the next 10 days, we're challenging you to be more intentional about cultivating positivity and we're here to support you through each step. We curated these activities to create real change or YOU. We collaborated with our partner, Dr. Jill Philo to create this simple yet transformative program that offers you a brief yet informative and eye opening exercise that easily fits into your busy schedule. Each day also shares a relevant conversation with an exceptional guest on The Mindshare Podcast, speaking to you. Would life feel a whole lot easier if you had more positivity in your it? You need to try it to find out! Positively Yours, Michele & Liana

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