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Everything we do at Monumental Me is backed by science and decades of research. We love sharing our favorite tools and breaking them down so it's easy for anyone to understand and implement. Of course, more context and guidance are usually helpful to maximize these tools and we're here to support you and your teams to create a more positive workplace.  Our motto is Find Your Thrive, and this can be achieved by individuals and teams.  We're available to create custom corporate workshops for you. Click here or fill out the form below for more information and we will be in touch.


The Choice Map


Created by Dr. Marilee Adams, this choice map helps you shift negative thinking patterns into more positive ones. Practice catching yourself earlier in your thought process. The more you practice these positive patterns of thought, the stronger those pathways become. Over time, the negative pathways in your brain will die from lack of use, and the more automatic your positive thought patterns will become. That's neuroplasticity at work! The key to making this shift lies in the questions you ask yourself. Just look at the choice map to see how the questions we ask ourselves actually determine where we end up.

 Positivity as a Tool

Did you know there are 12 activities scientifically proven to boost your positivity and happiness? These activities, were identified by happiness expert Dr. Sonya Lyubermerski. If you use them intentionally you're sure to see results, including better problem-solving and decision-making skills! Join a positivity challenge today and get all the benefits positivity has to offer. 

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Purposeful Recognition

Looking for something to help support well-being, employee engagement, and belonging within your organization or team? Purposeful recognition was proudly implemented by David Novak, former CEO of Yum! Brands, and is something he trains leaders to do through David Novak Leadership. Recognition is free to give, doesn't take a lot of time, and has a big impact. Unfortunately, leaving recognition to end-of-year reviews, or even to a monthly recognition program isn't enough. Take a look at these suggestions from our friends at OC Tanner on how you can start up-ing your purposeful recognition today.

Foster Psychological Safety

Thanks to the work of Amy Edmondson of Harvard University, Psychological Safety is getting a lot of attention these days and it's not just needed in the workplace. High-performance teams, families, sports organizations, and groups of all kinds need it to be at their best. Teams that lack psychological safety have high turnover, artificial harmony, and lack innovation. Fostering Psychological Safety can take time but the investment for you and your team is certainly worth it. 

 The Removing Your Roadblocks Course

Are you looking for personalized support and learning? Our signature course is a combination of self-paced learning and live group workshops and discussions where you'll be guided through exercises and reflections designed to arm you with the tools needed to build your resilience, commit to your goal and create more positive outcomes for yourself both personally and professionally.  Interested in going through the program with a group of friends, co-workers, or family members? We can create a specific cohort just for you, or sign up to get notified for our next open enrollment offering. Learn more here.

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