Our success is tied to our ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks. Yet most of us never learn the skills and tools needed to help strengthen our resilience. Whether the challenges we face are external ones or ones we've created internally in our minds, we can learn to remove our roadblocks and move forward faster.

Our Unique SRING Approach

Just as a house requires solid ground and a strong foundation, so do humans. As we experience obstacles, change and uncertainty, it is the foundation of our mindset and strength that allows us to build the resilience needed to see the opportunities in every obstacle and also make the most of them. Our SPRING approach is based on the belied that growth comes from Nurturing a deep knowledge of and the ability to leverage our Strengths, Positivity, Resilience and Insights.

Get ready to...


  • Empower yourself for long term growth and success

  • Build your resilience tool box

  • Operate from a place of strength

  • Strengthen your mental fitness

  • Learn how to get unstuck

  • Get farther faster

Program Details:


  • 6 weeks of combined self paced and in-person learning

  • Exercises designed to access deep personal insight and growth

  • A growing community to lean on

  • Expert advice and support

  • Gallup Strengths Assessment and customized report