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The Monumental Me How to Get Started Flow Chart

We've got lots of great information to share and we want to be sure you get to the information you want, the way you want it. So follow the flow chart to learn about the different ways to engage and what works best with the way you want to consume great content & attend our learning programs.

MM Flow Chart _ls edits (1).png

Michele and Liana have been friends since college and shared a passion for the arts and human behavior. They both went on to excel in their respective fields but professional success didn't seem to be enough. Something was missing,


As adults, they shared the joys and frustrations of motherhood, the exhaustion of balancing work and family, and a thirst and passion for life-long learning.

Having most recently worked as coaches and corporate learning executives they are dedicated to inspiring others by cutting through the noise, so you you can access easily digestible and actionable information that will improve how you think and feel so you can experience more joy and satisfaction in work and in life.

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