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The Monumental Me Career Program is a live interactive course based on our SPRING principles of change and rooted in science-backed tools and evidence based training. The Program is developed to help you identify your strengths and reignite your confidence in order to master critical components that contribute to your success & wellbeing. The pandemic has taken a toll on us. Get ready to emerge from this period of change and uncertainty stronger than before.

Resilience and mindset are developed skills critical to optimally managing your major life decisions - including your career choices. Through a blend of live interactive webinars and customized support materials you will take a deep dive into your strengths, better understand and utilize the power of your mindset and learn to change your thinking traps. This journey will help you develop the mental mastery and resilience needed to achieve your goals. 

Spring into action along with a select group of people with diverse experiences. This community approach ensures a rich and rewarding experience created to help you not just bounce back but to thrive in life. We will soon be accepting registrations for the November cohort! Meanwhile, please register for our FREE informative events to prepare you for this period of transition and the post-COVID world. 

How Does The Program Work?


The Monumental Me Program is a virtual learning program comprised of weekly live group sessions and workshops and self paced exercises. This is a manageable program for busy people, designed to allow for you to do while you keep up with your day to day life. 

Week 1: Start from today - Dive into what you need & where to start

Week 2: What are my strengths? - Learn your strengths & explore how to leverage them. 

Week 3: Real time resilience - Learn some practical tools that will change your habits. 

Week 4: Where am I going & how do I get out of my own way? 

Week 5: What's my plan & how do I stick to it?

Week 6: Mastery - Sticking to it!  

Who is The Program for?

The Program is for ambitious people at all stages of life & career, who are looking to define and achieve specific goals. 

1. Do you want to learn how to build more resilience during this time of uncertainty and change?

2. Do you feel burnt out or overwhelmed? 


3. Has your confidence taken a hit as you face re-entry into the post-Covid world or realize it is time to get back in the game? 

4. Are you thinking of a life pivot such as a career change, starting a new business or developing a side project? 

5. Are you chasing a dream or want to put that idea that has been in your head into action?

6. Do you want to live life to the fullest through self-discovery & lifelong learning? 


If you answered yes to any of these then this program

is definitely for you. Growth and change is more fun as part of a community and the SPRING approach keeps you motivated and accountable for the long-term, for real change.

Questions? Email us to schedule a discovery info session at OR sign up for our FREE informational events

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