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The Reset Program - FREE

  • 40Days
  • 30Steps
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This is the time to reset! 30 Days of guided evidence based activity, but take the # of days you need. Many of us just feel tapped out. From work/life imbalance to the role of keeping the level of anxiety at bay. THIS is the time for personal change & transition. Did you know that out of all the things that contribute to life satisfaction, the largest piece of the pie is in our own control? While external factors play a part, 40% of our happiness is based on how we choose to experience the world. One of the pathways to increasing satisfaction is by increasing positivity. Surprisingly, there are 12 specific activities scientifically proven to do this. Over the next 30 days, small daily exercises will help you become more intentional about cultivating positivity! And, we're here to support you through each step. We collaborated with one of our partners, Dr. Jill Philo to create this simple yet transformative program that easily fits into your busy schedule. What would it look like if you had more positivity in your life? What would it look like if you pressed your internal RESET button and could come out of this pandemic STRONGER than before? This 4 week program includes: - Daily positivity exercises backed by science - A group chat to discuss your insights and experiences in real time And access our FREE content created for Monumental Me members to reinforce this program with high quality content. Positively Yours, Michele & Liana

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