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 Our signature Parenting program 

​One of the best things we can do for our children is help them develop a greater sense of self-confidence and resilience. Building your child's skills in these areas can feel daunting. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce a program for parents and kids to provide a backed-by-science series of handbooks on positivity, mindset and strengths. Each topic contributes to your ability to build resilience and enhance confidence. The series is designed for a shared experience so you'll both reap the reward​​s.

​We kick off the Constructing Confidence series with The Positivity Toolbox, based on the research of Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky. For this series, we have partnered with consultant Darri Stephens, MEd, learning experience designer, and former Common Sense Media Senior Director of Educational Content. Darri shares our passion for lifelong learning, and helping people achieve their full potential. Read more on how we each contribute to this key learning experience below. 

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 A co-learning experience for parents and kids to build confidence and resilience through the science of positive psychology

The Positivity Toolbox

Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky identified 12 behaviors known to increase positivity.  She is also the lead researcher behind the happiness formula. Research shows that positivity is a critical component to developing a growth mindset, and that positive emotions serve a real purpose. Benefits include better problem solving and decision making… life skills needed to develop confidence and resilience. Many people hold the misguided belief that our levels of happiness are entirely linked to our personality and life circumstances. The happiness formula shows that we have more control over our happiness than we think. While 50% is tied to our personality only 10% is impacted by life circumstances leaving 40% totally in our control. The 12 behaviors and corresponding activities in the toolbox will help you and your child enhance positivity and ultimately the quality of your life.

The Happiness Formula
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What's in The Positivity Toolbox?


  • 12 backgrounders about the research-backed behaviors to promote

  • 24 collaborative hands-on activities to engage in with your child 1:1 or as a family

  • 12 discussion sheets to help your family cement new skills

  • Easy-to-implement tips for how to turn these behaviors into lasting habits

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Enter your email to begin your checkout process to purchase The Positivity Toolbox for $29.99. You will receive the downloadable packet via email. Share this page or consider gifting The Positivity Toolbox to a friend -- The Positivity Toolbox is even more fun when done in community.

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Michele Mavi

Michele is certified in Applied Positive Psychology, APP Coaching, and Clifton Strengths.  She is the co-founder of Monumental Me, and she serves as  VP of Organizational Effectiveness for the Learning Institute at the 4As where she focuses on leadership development for individuals and high-performance teams. Her thought leadership as a talent development leader has been quoted in several media outlets. Her positive parenting style is appreciated by her son Noah. 

Liana Slater

Liana is co-founder of Monumental Me and she holds an MBA  from INSEAD Business School and trained with Hyper Island.  Building on her experience as an early Google executive she evolved into a learning leader currently focused on building and implementing well being and thought leadership programs for companies. She is also the producer and host of the award-winning The Mindshare Podcast, and co-founder of the Women in Business Alumni Club for her alma mater.  Her approach to Constructing Confidence is set in action by her sons Jackson and Sam. 

Darri Stephens 

With MAs in Education from both Harvard and Stanford, Darri has served as a leader and content creator at best-in-class ed tech organizations including Wonder Workshop, Nickelodeon, Common Sense Education, Google, and Harvard University. She is a former teacher and an expert in learning design and in the design thinking process, which has resulted in the creation of multi-award-winning programs and products.

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